Spring 2019 Issue, Volume 22, No. 1

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October 11-12, 2019
High Point University
Call for Proposals: May 20
Registration Opens: May 10


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By Dr. Susan Colby, CREATE President | Appalachian State University, Boone, NC

Dear CREATE Colleagues,

I am honored to serve as the president of the Consortium for Research on Educational Assessment and Teaching Effectiveness (CREATE) as we enter our 28th year of service and continue the conversation focused on how we can utilize relevant, fair, and sound assessment and evaluation practices in our schools and educational organizations. Our 2019 CREATE Conference theme, Keeping it Real: Making Our Work Matter, recognizes our collective efforts towards achieving this goal. We hope to provide space at our conference for critical dialogue about teaching and learning and how we can best measure the right things, in the right ways.

This year we intend to build on our previous theme, Assessment at the Crossroads, by examining new directions for achieving a broader set of goals related to understanding and improving student learning. We are at the apex of decades of research regarding the value of formative and authentic assessment and it is becoming increasingly clear through large scale studies and reviews that students benefit when educators focus on Assessment for Learning (AFL) as a key driver for student learning (Birenbaum, DeLuca, Heritage, Klenowski, Looney, Smith, Timperley, Volante & Wyatt Smith, 2015); employ strategies that promote self-assessment for self-regulated learning (Panadero, Jonsson, & Botella, 2017); utilize grading practices as a multidimensional measure with the potential to reflect what we value about learning and motivation (Brookhart, Guskey, Bowers, McMillan, Smith, Smith, & Welsh, 2016); and decrease reliance on Value-Added Measures (VAM) in the evaluation of schools and teachers (Everson, 2017; Harris & Herrington, 2015). Decades of research has also made it abundantly clear that colleges of education must play a critical role in developing assessment literacy among preservice teachers so graduates have the complex skills needed to assess student learning in the classroom (DeLuca, LaPointe, Luhanga, 2016; Xu & Brown, 2016). Perhaps we are beginning to move beyond our practice of utilizing high-stakes, standardized assessments at all levels to a place where Keeping It Real: Making Our Work Matter, has the potential to guide us into the future.

The 2019 CREATE Conference will be held on the campus of High Point University, October 11 and 12. We are looking forward to bringing our conference to this enterprising university and greatly appreciate High Point University’s support of CREATE. Our Millman Scholar is Dr. Don Yarbrough, Professor of Educational Measurement and Statistics at the University of Iowa. Dr. Yarbrough has served as the National Council on Measurement in Education delegate to the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation, as member, vice chair, and chair. Our keynote speaker is Dr. Steven Tozer, Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois Chicago. Please consider submitting a proposal and joining us as we continue to share insightful perspectives about teaching effectiveness, assessment, and evaluation. Thank you for your interest in CREATE and I look forward to seeing you in October in High Point, North Carolina!

Susan Colby

President, Consortium for Research on Educational Assessment and Teaching Effectiveness


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Calling all Grad Students! CREATE needs YOU!
By Tara A. Wilson, Graduate Student Representative | George Washington University

As members are graduating and successfully defending dissertations (yay!), the CREATE Graduate Student Committee (GSC) is looking for new leadership. CREATE offers tremendous opportunities to connect with fellow graduate students from around the world, researchers in the field who you’re probably citing in your dissertation, and passionate, like-minded education scholars. As a members of CREATE, you already know the benefits of attending the Fall conference, and involvement with CREATE GSC will enhance that experience by offering authentic opportunities to plan events for graduate students and community service projects to help schools in need. Read on to learn why you should get involved and how to begin!

Becoming an active member and leader of the CREATE GSC will heighten your experience at the CREATE Conference to even greater levels. Involvement with CREATE GSC helps build community and reduce the feelings of isolation and loneliness associated with graduate life. The deep, engaging conversations you will experience with different groups of poster presenters, educational practitioners, and well-known researchers will hopefully encourage you to move further with your research. The doctoral poster presentation, for example, is a valuable experience for graduate students to present and receive feedback on their research; now imagine being a part of planning this event! As a member of GSC, your input can be used to enhance the CREATE graduate student experience. A new initiative started by CREATE GSC and launched at the 2018 CREATE Conference was a supply drive for a school in need of a literacy library. Together, we collected all of the books on the school’s wish list! CREATE GSC is committed to giving back to schools in need and we need your help to continue this project.

If you are interested in becoming a member of CREATE GSC, please contact us for more information! Visit our Doctoral Students link on the CREATE site to learn more about the fun projects we’re doing and to ask questions. We look forward to chatting with you soon!

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Conference Hotel
Marriott High Point
Address: 1000 Mail Loop Rd, High Point | NC 27262

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