The vision of the Consortium for Research on Educational Assessment and Teaching Effectiveness (CREATE) is improved student learning, development, and achievement in PK-12 schools, institutes of higher education, and other educational settings.

Message from President 

Don Klinger

Welcome to the CREATE organization. We are fortunate to have a unique opportunity and a venue to blend practice and research. This is the promise of the CREATE organization. Our individual members include K12 practitioners in the field, professors and researchers in higher education, and researchers working for think tank organizations.

Our focus is on exploring current practice and research focused on assessing student learning, evaluating program effectiveness, and evaluating education professionals. Our members are those in the field currently implementing national policies related to these focal areas and researchers studying the effectiveness of those policies. Our membership has grown to include individuals and organizations in Australia, Canada, and China.

Please contact us to learn more about the CREATE organization and how the opportunities offered by CREATE can benefit your own professional practice and growth and bring networking opportunities to your organization. 

Dr. Don Klinger
Queen's University, Canada